About Onset Advisors

Onset Advisors helps its clients to position their ESG and energy transition strategies in value-creating ways.


We use data to demonstrate how businesses create value.


We work with businesses that put sustainability at their centre to help them make decisions that build maximum impact.


Our value proposition lies in getting your data to tell the story of your business and effectively communicating this to the right people.

You know how valuable your business is to your stakeholders. 
We help you prove it.


Meet the Onset Team


Business Development Director: EU and UK
Steven has been involved in the creation and support of catalyzing economic development benefits from large-scale infrastructure projects and the supply chains that support them for the last 8 years. His background in development economics in the European and African contexts has turned into a passion for ESG and the energy transition. Particularly, the benefits the energy transition can create in companies as well as in local and regional economies. This view ensures an appreciation of the requirement to make the energy transition just and equitable for all stakeholders.


Business Development Director: Africa
Jon is a lawyer with a keen interest in the promotion and regulation of infrastructure development. His experience in investment vehicles and transaction advisory allows him to navigate the regulatory landscape efficiently. His focus is on what constitutes a just balance of stakeholder interests in the energy transition and how best to achieve this.


Senior Associate
Paul provides economic development advice to public and private sector clients to improve impact, sustainability and value for money. His work in development finance, competitiveness and business environment has given him a solid understanding of the complex interplay of government, business and civil society. This has enabled him to generate practical solutions to realising a just transition, where incentives are properly aligned, and no one is left behind.
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